Pen Drive Recovery

This tool can retrieve deleted or formatted data from any USB flash drive or Pen Drive partition

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Inaccessible Pen Drive Data Recovery

As pen drives are the most common way to exchange or transfer data from one machine to another machine. While connecting pen drives on several machines, sometimes due to improper ejecting or virus attacks the data inside pen drive becomes inaccessible. USB drive recovery tool can be used in this case to recover data from corrupt USB drive easily.

restore deleted files from flash drive

Restore Normal Data

You can recover complete data from pen drive and retrieve it. The Flash Drive Recovery software scans the flash drive and load data present in it. After the loading process, you can restore the data and save it to your desired location. This mode doesn’t recover the deleted data / items.

flash drive data recovery

Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files

While transferring data from your USB drive, if you have accidentally lost your data then also you can recover data from USB pen drive using USB drive recovery software.This software first scans the storage device and load the files present in it. After that, you can save the recovered data from the corrupt pen drive to your desired location.

retrieve data from usb flash drive

Formatted Partition Recovery

When a USB flash drive gets corrupted, the first thing which comes into mind is to format the pen drive but you also lose your personal and crucial data. Using Pen drive data recovery tool, you can recover pendrive loss data from your formatted pen drive/ flash drive easily.

flash drive data recovery

NTFS and FAT Data Recovery

This software recovers data from both NTFS and FAT file system pen drives. This software recovers data from both NTFS and FAT file system pen drives. If the pen drive is NTFS formatted then also this software can restore data from the USB drive. By default the file system of flash drives is FAT 32.

discover detectable devices

Discover Detectable Devices

When you install and run the pen drive recovery software, it automatically scans the removable devices connected to your machine by running an automatic scan. The respective thumb drive connected to the system will be listed on the software panel automatically.

retrieve data from usb flash drive

Amazing Search Option

The Pen Drive Data Recovery tool has an amazing search option which helps you to recover complete data from pen drive and find desired files or folders from the recovered data. When you completely retrieve deleted data, use a term matching the file or folder name, it will help to extract only required files.

flash drive data recovery

Live Scanning Report

After selecting the flash drive to be scanned and scan type, the Flash Drive Recovery software shows live scan report in a pop-up window. The details which are shown are – selected drive, total size, bytes read, number of files and folders scanned.

preview selected partition

Preview Selected Partition Details

Once you select the pen drive to be recovered, the USB Drive Recovery Software shows the details associated with it. These details include Model, Disk, Name, Type, Total size and free size. It helps you to preview data before the recovery is performed.

pen drive data recovery

Windows OS Support

Flash Drive Recovery tool is a Windows OS based tool i.e. it supports all the versions of the windows OS. You can successfully recover complete data from pen drive even on the latest Windows 10 OS. The software can recover data from pen drive only when it is detectable on Windows OS.

Watch Live Demo of Pen Drive Data Recovery

Specifications of Pen Drive Recovery Tool

System Requirements

  • Support : Windows 11, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Below Versions
  • Processor : 1GHz Processor (2.4GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 4 GB is Recommended
  • Hard disk space : 60 MB of free hard disk space required

Demo Limitations

  • Download trial version to recover deleted data from pen drive with the help of Pen Drive Data Recovery tool, i.e, free of cost on your operating system. It will only generate a preview of recoverable data.
Product Details
  • Version: 15.0
  • File Size: 27.8 MB


Yes, Pen Drive Recovery software is a cost effective application. You can install the Free demo version of the software and take a preview of the tool working. Full version of the tool will helps you to extract previewed data items & save it on the device.
No, technical knowledeg is not required for the users. This tool is built with the user-friendly interface. Graphical User Interface is designed for both technical and non-technical users. By which user can use this product without any hassle.
Time taken by Pen drive data recovery software to restore complete data items from corrupt pen drive totally depends upon on the size of the data items & the level of corruption. This tool is designed with the advanced algorithms which make sure that it takes minimum possible time for complete data recovery.
Pen Drive data recovery software does not enforce the file size limitation. This software is capable enough to retrieve the any size of data from the USB drive brands like HP, Kingston, Sony, etc.
Yes, Pen drive recovery tool can recover complete data from corrupt pen drive data and formatted partitions as well. If your msystem is showing such message then first you can format your flash drive & then starts the pen drive data recovery process.
Yes, USB Drive Recovery software easily runs on all the versions of Windows OS including Windows 10 OS.
Yes, Flash Drive Recovery tool can recover corrupt pen drive and your lost data as it does not enforce any file size limitation.
Yes , you can easily recover your excel files with the help of USB drive recovery tool. Pen drive data recovery tool supports to recover different file formats.
No, there is no manual mehtod to recover deleted data. But you can recover your complete data with the help of this tool. It is capable enough to retrieve the permanently deleted photos and documents from pen drive without any hassle.
Yes, you can restore files after deleting from recycle bin with pen drive recovery tool. This tool can recovers normal deleted and shift deleted data from pen drive instantly without any hassle.
No, But you can not recover it without using any software. You can recover it with the help of USB drive recovery software and recover your data instantly.


user 1

Most of us are totally dependent on pen drives so does me as it is easier to carry data along with us wherever we go. But last couple of times I pulled out my pen drive without safety removal, as a result, the data in it got corrupted. Thanks to this USB drive recovery tool which helped me to retrieve all my data from it.

— Alexendra from United States of America

user 2

Pen Drive recovery tool is such an amazing software. I recovered corrupt pen drive files easily that were present in my flash drive. I am so impressed using this Pen Drive Data Recovery tool.

— Paul Hogan from Australia

user 3

Executing Pen Drive data recovery was extremely simple with this tool. A couple of days ago I lost some pictures of some important ceremony. My cousin suggested to me this tool for the restoration process and surprisingly this tool recovered corrupt pen drive data which recovered all my lost images within minutes.

— Michael Head from Russia

Steps to Recover Pen Drive Data

  • Scan: - Select Scan for the Deleted and corrupted data recovery.
  • Formatted Scan: - Select the Formatted Scan for formatted data recovery.
recover pen drive data

Simply Explore the folders & view complete data into right panel of tool.

Note: - The software will show the permanently deleted data items with red colour. So, it becomes quite simple to view the permanently deleted folders and files.

scan drive

For Selected Data items: - If you want to save some selected file then check the right side panel files and click right on the selected files and click on the Save option.

search result

For Complete Data: - Select the root folder from the left panel and click on the Save button from the menu bar.

search result

You can also create a new folder by clicking on Create New Folder button & hit on OK.

And if you want to stop this process then click on Stop



save recovered pen drive data