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The Tool Allows you to Retrieve Formatted, Corrupted and Deleted Data from Hard Drive

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recover hard disk data

Complete Hard Drive Data Recovery

The utility provides an option to recover complete hard drive including important photos, videos, music files, documents, data files and other multimedia type of files from any Windows operating system; by keeping the original format & details intact.

recover deleted data from hard disk

Restore System Partition (FAT & NTFS)

The tool makes it possible to recover deleted data from hdd (both FAT and NTFS). Hard drive data recovery software supports all versions of FAT and NTFS like FAT 32 bit, v1.0 (Windows NT 3.1), etc.

retrieve hard disk data

Recover Damaged Hard Drive Data

Hard disk failure can occur due to corrupted MBR or MFT files which hold the most crucial information about each file which is stored in NTFS or FAT file systems. The hard disk data recovery tool can be used in these situations too.

recover files deleted from hard disk

Restore Permanently Deleted Data

This software is designed to recover shift deleted hard drive data too. In case if you want to recover data deleted using shift+del command, then also you can use Hard Drive Data Recovery tool to retrieve hard disk data easily.

restore deleted files from hard disk

Retrieve Formatted Partition

The hard drive recovery tool can retrieve files from formatted and reformatted hard disk partitions or drives like Local Disk (C:), Local Disk (D:), etc. of unlimited size. The corrupted hard disk recovery software automatically scans all the partitions available on the system once you perform the scan.

hard drive recovery software

Recover RAW Partition

If you are unable to access any of the partitions on your machine then there is a higher possibility that your hard drive is corrupt. Then instead of formatting the disk, you can use hard drive recovery tool to recover your damaged data.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Search Within Restored Data

Your search can be refined as you can search for a particular file or item within recovered data with the smart search feature of hard drive data recovery tool. You can apply date filters as well to search file by creation date or last modified date.

recover deleted data from hard disk

Recover Selected Folder

Hard Drive Data Recovery software allows you to extract only selective folders from the recovered data. You can check/uncheck the folder that you want to export instead of exporting whole restored data.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Supports Both Internal/External Storage

The damaged hard drive data recovery tool can restore data from internal and external hard drive no matter those files are damaged or deleted. The devices which it supports are IDE, SATA, USB Hard Disk, SCSI, Memory card, USB Flash Drive, etc.

recover deleted data from hard disk

Save Recovered Data at Desired Location

After complete drive recovery, recovered data can be restored and saved at any location as specified by the user. Further a new folder can also be created from the software panel in which data can be saved as per user’s decision making easy to recover data from corrupted hard drive.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Recovery of Normal & Shift Deleted Data

By using hard disk data recovery tool, you can export normal as well as permanently deleted data from every single folder of the hard drive. Recuperated shift deleted files are highlighted with red color in the primary folder of the tool. Whereas, the regained normal deleted files are stored in one folder and displayed in preview area.

recover deleted data from hard disk

Default Folder Structure is Maintained

After the recovery process is performed, the utility maintains the original formatting of the disk. The hard disk data recovery software is capable for recovering complete data from each folder without any data loss and change in default formatting of files and other items present in the hard drive.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Auto-Detection of Hard Drive

The software is designed is such a way that it can auto detect all the hard drives present on the system along with their attributes such as model number, disk number, total size and free size.

recover deleted data from hard disk

Quick Scan and Preview Data

The Software instantly scan the hard drive and also provides an option to preview the recovered data along with its properties, making efficient for user to retrieve hard disk data.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Arrange Items by Attributes

By using hard drive data recovery tool, you can sort the data by its properties while examining the recovered data items. Further data can be arranged in ascending or descending order by its name, size, type, date of creation and modification date.

recover data from corrupted hard drive

Recover corrupt GPT and MBR Partition

The tool is used to recover the lost data due to the corruption in GPT and MBR partition. As both of these partitions comprises special information regarding each files stored in NTFS/FAT file format.

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Recover Corrupted and Permanently Deleted Data From Hard Drive

Recover Formatted Data from Hard Disk

Specifications of Hard Drive Recovery Tool

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 11, 10 and all below Windows versions (32 -bit & 64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz Processor (x86, x64) or equivalent
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM Recommended
  • Hard disk space : 100 MB of free hard disk space required

Demo Limitations –

Download trial version of Hard Drive Recovery tool free of cost on your operating system. It will only generate a preview of entire restored items.

Product Details
  • Version: 17.2
  • File Size: 26.1 MB


Hard Disk Recovery software supports retrieval of all file types which includes documents, executable files, dynamic link library, music files, images, etc. Any type of data stored on hard disk can be restored using this tool.
Yes, Hard Drive Data Recovery tool runs on all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10 OS.
Yes, Hard Disk Data Recovery tool can recover deleted data from iPod. But that iPod should be FAT32 formatted instead of NTFS.
This tool does not enforce any file size limitation on the data recovery. You can restore up to terabyte size of data without any problem.
Yes, you can restore permanently deleted data from internal and external hard disk using hard disk recovery tool.
Recovery entirely depends on the size of the data to be recovered. Another aspect which comes into play is the level of corruption. If your external hard disk is severely corrupted then it will take more time to scan and recover your data as compared to less corrupted hard disk.
Yes, this tool can recover files from dead hard drive only when your hard drive is logically damaged. But, you can not restore files if your hard drive is physically dead, for this you have to concern with the data recovery service center.
Yes, you can easily recover lost data from NTFS and FAT formatted hard drive without any data alteration .


1 user

The hard disk data recovery in windows 8 was a bit difficult task for me but thanks to the developers of the Recover Deleted team for providing such a great hard drive recovery tool. The recovery process is so easy to perform and the results provided are so accurate. One great thing which I loved is it does not alter the folder structure of the data resulting in the ease to search files.

— Kerry Morris from Russia

2 user

I had a huge amount of data on my hard drive and one day I accidentally lost all my data in one go. It was so shocking for me as the deleted data included important documents, pictures and some other multimedia files. This hard disk data recovery tool not only helped me to recover deleted data but also recovered corrupted files as well. I would suggest everyone to use this tool who has lost his/her data.

— Phillip Hughes from United Kingdom

3 user

I had lost all my crucial data including some documents, presentations, etc. I was tensed so I started searching for a software to recover deleted files from hard disk. But when I got this hard drive data recovery tool, I was impressed with its ease of usage. It helped me restore all my data that too in several minutes.

— Michael James from United States of America

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