Repair Corrupted VHD File – Know Seamless Solution

Lindsey Smith | February 6th, 2020 | How to Tips

If your files got corrupted due to some technical issues, the corruption of VHD files can lead to severe data loss including files, folders and also the boot files. When it comes to file corruption, it becomes the worst situation for the users. Then it becomes necessary for them to overcome from these issues.

So, in this article, you will get to know, how to repair corrupted VHD file and reasons behind the corruption of VHD files.

How your VHD/VHDX Files Got Corrupted?

Before knowing the reason for VHD/VHDX corruption we should know, what does actually VHD mean?

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk. It is a file format of the disk image used for storing the complete content of a hard drive. It is primarily used by virtual machines and have all the capabilities to create files and folders, disk sectors, run an operating system and install and run other applications.

Reasons Behind the VHD File Corruption-

  •  If your system hard drive gets corrupted/damaged due to manufacturer faults, it might be possible that the VHD file gets corrupted.
  •  If your system gets infected with virus/malware where you stored your VHD file, it can lead to permanent data loss or VHD file corruption.
  •  There are severe chances of VHD file corruption if you are transferring your important files over a bad or faulty network.
  •  If you are using corrupt or infected external drives like pen drive, external hard disk, flash drive, etc., then it can also corrupt/damage your data.
  •  Due to human errors which can be intentional or accidental like removal of stored files, improper disk management, force shutdown, use of infected external drives, etc., VHD files can get damaged.

There are many reasons that can corrupt/damage VHD files and ultimately lead to data loss. As “every problem has its solution“, there is also a way to fix corrupt VHD files. And here we will provide you the best data recovery tool which definitely repair corrupt VHD file.

Simple Way How to Fix Corrupt VHD Files

If you are searching for an easy and trustworthy third-party tool to repair corrupted VHD file, then you are in the right place. As VHD data recovery will deal with all your problems.

The tool supports VHD data recovery from corrupted, formatted or deleted VHD & VHDX file. This utility is developed to repair corrupt VHD files, including images, videos, audios, docs, etc. An additional internal search option is placed within the VHD data recovery software. Due to this, it is possible to search for any specific item present within the VHD/VHDX file.

Key Features of a VHD Data Recovery Software that will Repair Corrupted VHD file

In this section, we will let you know some of the beneficial features of the software that will be helpful to know more about the tool and what actually the tool does to fix corrupt VHD files.

  •  In this application, there is no size limit. You can scan and repair any size of VHD file
  •  It can repair RAW file from formatted VHD/ VHDX partition
  •  The software supports various languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Italian, etc. to repair corrupted VHD files.
  •  This application can safely fix VHD/ VHDX partition data from both FAT and NTFS partition with Windows VHD data recovery software
  •  It provides SCAN and FORMATTED SCAN options for scanning. Use the “scan” option if your data gets corrupted/deleted and use “formatted scan” for formatted data
  •  VHD data recovery software can install on all versions of Windows Operating System
  •  It can repair dynamic as well as static VHD file data

Steps to Fix Corrupt VHD Files

    1. Download VHD data recovery software and install it on your system.

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  1. Once, you install the tool the first window will appear as shown, simply press on open.corrupt vhdx
  2.  Now, the tool provides data recovery options, just click on the advanced button and browse the location where .vhd or .vhdx file is crack free
  3.  Wait till the recovery process completes, after that, all the repaired items will display on the left serial key
  4.  Either save all the repaired items or selected ones from the SAVE option to repair corrupted VHD software

Follow all the above steps to fix corrupt VHD files. You can test the demo version of the tool by simply downloading it on your system but if you want to save repaired files then you have to purchase the full version of VHD data recovery software.

Wrapping Up!

Through this write-up, we tried to make the user understand, reasons and how to repair corrupt VHD file. For an easy and fast solution, user can use the automated tool to fix corrupt VHD files within a single attempt without any data loss.


Is it possible to repair the damaged vhd file on Windows 10?

Yes, With the help of the above-mentioned tool users can repair damaged VHD files on any version of Windows. Because this tool is compatible with Windows OS.

Is this tool compatible with France language to repair VHD files?

Yes, This tool supports multiple languages to repair VHD files. You can change your language as per your need.