How to Recover Formatted Partition on Windows 10 – Flawless Solution

Lindsey Smith | January 30th, 2020 | How to Tips

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Have you ever wondered what happens when you accidentally formatted the disk partition?

Honestly Saying, This situation is not less than a nightmare!

Losing all your precious photographs, important business reports, and other items will certainly give you a heartache.

Further queries raised by the user at the time of partition formatted

  • Can I recover a formatted partition?
  • How do I recover a formatted drive in Windows 10?
  • How do I recover files from a formatted computer?

But, there is more to story

If you are working with the computer system, then facing accidental deletion is a common problem. Which is easily recoverable from Recycle Bin. However, when it comes to recover data from formatted partition, then it is a matter of concern as Recycle Bin will not help you.

To troubleshoot this situation, the Formatted Partition Recovery software comes into existence. So stay with this write-up and know how to recover formatted partition on Windows 10.

Before, initiating this write-up we will let you know, why this situation comes in user’s life.

How Drive Partitions Get Formatted?

There can be different situations through which your drive partitions can formatted. But be aware of this condition as it is said that, ‘precaution is better then cure’.

  • Accidentally, your important hard disk partition gets formatted.
  • While re-installing windows on your computer, can also lead to the format of an existing partition.
  • Due to the corruption in GPT/MBR on windows, data can be formatted.
  • Without having proper knowledge of drives on PC and using Disk Management tool to format, shrink or delete the hard drive partitions.

Besides the above points, there are several courses of action through which the storage device gets formatted. It’s complicated to find a way how to recover formatted partition on Windows 10 easily.

But here we will provide you the best partition recovery software that lends a hand to get back all the files/folders from any storage device in a simple manner.

Professional Software to Recover Formatted Partition on Windows 10 

To recover your formatted, deleted or corrupted files from GPT or MBR partition type storage device, use the best recovery tool named as, Partition Data Recovery Software. This application will definitely heal the errors like invalid partition table, RAW file system, etc. It also provide the recovery of an extended partition.

To test this tool you can download and use the demo version, it will show the recovered files only, but you can’t save your files. If you want to save your restored files, then purchase the full version of this tool.

Some Beneficial Attributes to Restore Formatted Partition on Windows 10

  • Restore GPT or MBR partition without any hassle.
  • It supports FAT and NTFS partition and fixes the formatted data.
  • Retrieve all items like videos, documents, images, audio files, etc.
  • This software supports Windows 10 ,8,7 and below versions to recover formatted partition on Windows 10.
  • Recover formatted or permanently deleted data from any partition.
  • This application also supports dynamic disk formatted partition recovery.
  • It also provides an option to save all the items which are restore.
  • This utility supports different languages.

Let’s Carry Out the Steps to Recover Formatted Partition On Window 10

Following the steps which are mention below, you can easily retrieve your formatted partition data.

  •  Download Formatted Partition Data Recovery Software and Install on your computer.

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  • Click on formatted scan as your partition data is formatted.After scanning is completed, folders will show in the left pane.

    hard disk recovery options

  • Now, you can preview your formatted data.hard drive recovery process
  • Finally, you can SAVE your data at your desire location.apply mail filters

Once, all the steps are done you can check on the location where you save the recovered files.

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Summing Up

In this write up we have discussed, how to recover formatted partition on windows 10 and want to opt for the right option which should be safe and reliable. Here, we have provided the best Partition Recovery Tool to get back the formatted partition and all your important files.


How do I recover a formatted drive in Windows 10?

With the help of the above-mentioned blog, users can recover formatted drive in Windows 10 and all below versions of Windows. Because the tool supports all editions of Windows OS.

How do I recover my formatted hard drive?

By following 4 simple steps users can recover formatted hard drive data easily without losing any data.