How to Recover Deleted Files from Virus Infected Pen Drive – Find Out A Perfect Place

Lindsey Smith | July 15th, 2020 | Pen Drive

Whenever users have faced this issue like how to recover deleted files from virus infected pen drive. In that condition, they find an alternative solution to remove hidden virus from pen drive. Once pen drive data files are infected due to virus or malware. All of them are become inaccessible. It means a pen drive user become unable to access their data properly.

Furthermore, virus attack on a pen drive may lead to data loss problems. But, do not worry! Sit down and read this post thoroughly. Because today! We will be going to let users know the best methods to resolve how to recover deleted files from virus infected pen drive.

Hence, in the upcoming section, we are going to inform a step-by-step procedure to recover data from virus infected pen drive using cmd. Before that, let us explore the effect of Virus and malware on pen drive:

Consequences of Virus on Pen Drive

  1. Corruption in pen drive: When users pen drive is getting extremely infected with virus or malware. It may lead to the corruption problem and make users unable to access their data appropriately.
  2. Missing Out Files from Pen Drive: Virus infection in pen drive is the root reason of data loss issue. In case your pen drive is extremely affected by the virus so, users may lose their important data.

When you are facing any types of issue from the following so, it means your pen drive extremely affected by the virus. So, in the oncoming section, we stated a manual solution to recover deleted files from virus infected pen drive.

Remove Virus From Pen Drive Using Antivirus

The pen drive data files are hidden due to virus attack if users faced this problem. When a virus infects users pen drive badly. In that situation, users become unable to display their data files in pen drive. So, users can resolve this issue with the assistance of an appropriate antivirus software.

Once users launch an antivirus program into your local system you may get the desired outcome. If in case, you are still stuck in that cumbersome situation so, users can move to another approach.

Recover Deleted Files from Virus Infected Pen Drive Within a Few Clicks

After utilise, the above-stated methods to recover deleted data from virus infected pen drive. If users are still unable to get the desired output. So, now users are in the right place. Here, we come up with an alternative solution named as Pen Drive Recovery software. Using this automated recovery software users can simply recover virus infected files from pen drive.

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Mainly, this application is equipped with advanced technology. It involves the flawless features and gives safe and secure recovery of virus infected files from pen drive. Besides, it furnishes a user-friendly interface. So, a non technical person can also use and implement the recovery procedure without any trouble. Furthermore, with the help of this pen drive recovery tool, users can recover hidden files from USB drive without losing any data.

Safety Measures to Ignore Virus Infection in Future

If you are use a pen drive on a daily routine. So, users should have to keep few safety measures in mind to avoid virus infection in the future.

  1. Users have to scan their pen drive on a regular basis to keep the virus away.
  2. Avoid installing or storing the improper and unsecured data on a pen drive.
  3. Instantly scan your storage device, when you realize that your pen drive infected by the virus.
  4. Always utilize an effective and reliable anti-virus application to scan your virus-infected flash drive.

Concluding Words

Hopefully, you will resolve the most common issue such as How to Recover Delete files From Virus Infected Pen Drive. In this write-up, we explained the free and automated solutions for the same. If users tested already so, well and good. Mainly, the manual method having some limitations. So, this is suggested to go with an expert solution pen drive recovery tool. In addition, this recovery utility is able to restore shift deleted, formatted and corrupted files from pen drive. Therefore, users can go with any one of them but, take decision wisely, because a wrong decision can make the situation worst.