Resolve Pen Drive Corruption Issues – A Complete User Guide

admin | June 9th, 2017 | Pen Drive

A pen drive is used to store almost every kind of data in memory as in hard drive. It is one of the most convenient ways to store and transfer data as you can carry anywhere wherever you go. Nowadays, Pen drives have become so popular that they are available to users in multiple brands. Users can keep a lot of data inside pen drive but it can get corrupt or damaged. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the users to fix pen drive corruption issue.

However, there can be multiple reasons behind the corruption or unresponsiveness of pen drive. Whenever such kind of situation occurs, the users start to panic as they have a lot of their personal and important data stored in it such as pictures of some memorable moments, important presentations, and documents, etc. They get worried about how to fix corrupted pen drive. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss various methods to resolve their problem in a simple and convenient way.

I have a 32 GB pen drive which contains all my project work stored in it. Recently, I used it in one of my colleague’s laptop, since then I am unable to access it. I think it got corrupted due to some virus attack and now I am in big trouble. Please suggest me a way to get out of this situation as I want to know how to fix pen drive corruption issues.

Fix Pen Drive Corruption Using CMD

After taking the complete backup of your data stored in pen drive. Now, repair it using the CMD. Follow the steps mentioned below to format the pen drive forcefully:

1. Plug in the USB in your computer and click on Start button.
2. Type CMD in the search bar and open cmd.exe window.
3. Now, type diskpart and press Enter.
4. Type list disk and hit Enter. After that, it will display all the storage items which are connected to your computer.
5. Now, type select disk and hit Enter. Type disk number here carefully.
6. Type clean and press Enter button.
7. After that, type create partition primary and hit Enter key.
8. Now, type select partition 1 same as disk number and press Enter button.
9. At last, type format fs-fat32 and hit Enter. Now, the formatting will get finished after a few minutes. Type ntfs instead of fat32 in case of large files.

fix pen drive corruption issues

Resolve Pen Drive Corruption Without Using CMD

Users can also try another approach if the CMD commands don’t work. Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve corruption issues in pen drive:

1. Insert USB into the computer and navigate to My Computer.
2. Select Removable Disk option and then select Properties by right clicking on it.
3. After that, select the Tool tab and click on Rebuild button.
4. Close the Scan Windows when the scan process gets completed.
5. Now, right click on the Pen Drive icon and click on Eject button and remove the drive from your computer.

After performing all these steps successfully, the pen drive gets normal and now you can again store your important data into it.

Safety Measures for Pen Drive

Here in this section, we have discussed some points which a user can follow to protect the pen drive from any virus attack.

1. Convert the USB to NTFS file system to use the security permissions provided by the NTFS.
2. Connect pen drive with the system containing anti-virus in it.
3. Users can also set the USB port of the computer to read only mode.
4. Disable pen drive’s autorun.inf to prevent the malware infection.


Pen drives are the most widely used data transferable device. But, when it gets corrupted or damaged and gets unresponsive then occurs the need to fix pen drive corruption issues with or without the help of CMD. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed several methods to resolve these issues step by step. If users are unable to resolve their problems using the above-mentioned methods then you should opt for Pen Drive Recovery Software as it can help you to get out of the situation even if the pen drive is severely corrupted.