Know How to Repair Exchange 2013 Mailbox Keeps Getting Quarantined Issue?

Lindsey Smith | October 5th, 2017 | MS Exchange

In Microsoft Exchange, there is one additional feature that helps users in detecting the clients, which are using an excessive number of resources of the mailbox. However, the MAPI clients use many threads when it is connected to the mailbox. If one or two threads freeze because of any reason, then it uses more CPU as compared to it should for servicing the thread. But, if more than five threads freezes or three threads gets crashed of a specific mailbox within 2 hours, then it can easily be considered as Mailbox is not in the normal state. If this situation is encountered, then the Exchange Mailbox keeps getting quarantined error occurs.

Thus, it becomes important for the users to repair Quarantine Mailbox in Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016. The quarantine is basically executed by the background thread after every two hours to check the total crashes in the mailbox. However, if the mailbox exceeds the maximum limit of the crash threshold, then the server puts the mailbox in a quarantine state for overall stability. However, this feature is by default enabled by the Exchange Server whenever there is a threads crash. And, when the Exchange mailbox is in the quarantine state, it becomes completely inaccessible. Thus, to remove Exchange mailbox from Quarantine state mailbox users can use two methods i.e. manual procedure which includes some commands and the automated solution i.e. EDB File Repair Tool.

Reasons Behind Exchange Mailbox Keeps Getting Quarantined Error

There are some situations in which a user is not able to access the Exchange mailbox and is treated as a poisoned Exchange mailbox. Thus, in this segment of the post, we have covered all possible events that cause this potential threat to the MS Exchange mailbox.

  • If in total more than five threads of the Exchange mailbox stop working at the same time and for more than 60 seconds, then it is clear that the mailbox is not in a normal state.
  • If a thread that is working for a specific mailbox fails in between, then it leaves the mailbox in an abnormal state.

Repair Quarantine Mailbox Exchange 2013/ 2010 Via Manual Method

If a user wants to remove Exchange 2013 Mailbox keeps getting quarantined issue, then he/she first has to analyze the registry keys also:

  • MailboxQuarantineCrashThreshold: This will determine the total number of failures that put Exchange Mailbox in an abnormal state. By default, it is 3.
  • MailboxQuarantineDurationInSeconds: This will specify the total time the Exchange mailbox remains in the quarantine state. It is 6 by default.

Verify If Mailbox is Quarantined or not

In order to verify whether the mailbox is in quarantine state or not, a user needs to run the commands below:

After executing the commands, if the IsQuarantined is true, then the Exchange Mailbox is poisoned.

How to Repair Exchange Mailbox Keeps Getting Quarantined Error via Cmdlet?

To remove the Exchange Mailbox from the quarantine state, a user can use cmdlets by following the steps discussed below:

  • Detect & Repair Folder View of the Mailbox
  • Resolve Aggregate Counts of All Mailboxes in the Database MBX-DB9
  • Determine Search Folder & Provisioned Folder Corruption
  • Fix All Type of Corruption for an Archive & Mailbox
  • To Fix Any Type of Corruption in Mailbox Database

The Description of Parameters Used Above:

  1. Corruption Type: Determine the corruption that a user wants to identify and fix.
  2. Mailbox: Define the mailbox on which the command is implemented.
  3. Database: Define the database on which the command is executed.
  4. Archive: It will find the corruption and resolves the archive mailbox of the particular mailbox.
  5. DetectOnly: Make it clear that a user wants to locate the errors but not to resolve them.
  6. StoreMailbox: It determines the GUID of the mailbox that a user wants to fix.

Fix Exchange Mailbox Keeps Getting Quarantined Issue Using Powershell

Using Disable-MailboxQuarantine

As you know the Exchange mailbox will remain in quarantine state for six hours by default. But, when the process to resolve this issue completed, a user can easily disable the mailbox quarantine feature. Now, to disable the poison mailbox, just execute cmdlet given below:

Disable-MailboxQuarantine “Peter_Baris1”

After executing the above command, the mailbox Peter_Baris1 will be removed from quarantine.

Alternative Solution To Repair Quarantine Mailbox in Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010

There are some limitations that a user might face while resolving the Exchange mailbox and the major one is that the cmdlets are not available in Exchange Server 2010. In addition, the PowerShell is hard to understand and very lengthy while performing. Moreover, single mistake while executing these commands can result in data loss. Thus, to overcome all such limitations of the manual method, a user is suggested to use a professional solution to repair quarantine mailbox in Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016. The tool can recover Exchange mailbox easily without any hassle and loss of data. Moreover, the software is designed in such a way that it recovers both Public and private folders of the mailbox and remove it from quarantine state.

The Bottom Line

Corruption in the Exchange mailbox always leaves mailbox in an abnormal state. However, the Exchange Server will be quarantined for six hours. And, it becomes inaccessible and users are not allowed to perform any action on the mailbox. Thus, to overcome Exchange mailbox keeps getting quarantined issue, we have discussed both manual and professional solution. A user can choose any of them to repair Quarantine mailbox in Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 and other versions of it.