Errors have been Detected in the OST File – Resolved

admin | June 22nd, 2017 | Outlook

OST is an offline Outlook Data File, These are also called the offline storage table. These Files are the copy of data present in the user’s mailbox on the mail server. In this article we are going to discuss the methods to fix the OST having the – Errors have been detected in the OST File & common OST file corruption problems. Any damage or Discrepancy in the mail server doesn’t affect the OST Files as they are stored on the User’s machine. OST files are much more efficient because the user can rely on them in the scenarios of bad connectivity and downtimes. The User can work on their files and documents without being online, And all the changes made to the file are synchronized to the mail server. We have clearly pointed out the robustness and reliability of the OST Files but still, they are prone to errors.

Factors That Might Cause the Errors in OST

There are various reasons due to which the problem – Errors have been detected in the OST File might arise. This pop-up generally appears when the user is trying to launch the MS Outlook. The best solution to fix the OST, in this case, could be to Quit Outlook and all the Email applications followed by the use of Scanpst.exe & Scanost.exe to detect and fix the OST file corruption or any other issue

The primary reasons that might cause an OST file corruption error are:

  1. Closing the Outlook abruptly while the Outlook-Exchange sync is in progress can cause OST file corruption
  2. Sudden and snappy system shut-downs while the sync is in progress
  3. Corruption in File system
  4. Virus intrusions in the OST can also be a prime reason for OST file corruption

How to Manually Resolve the Errors have been detected in the OST File problem

There are several ways to fix the OST & deal with an OST File corruption errors, few of which are discussed below:

    1. Restore from backup

The best way to preserve the treasured data is by creating a backup of it. Same can be done in the case to fix the OST. The corrupted OST can be replaced with a backed up copy. But if the backup is not taken correctly then it might leave you with missing and modified data after the recovery. The another drawback of this utility is that this feature is not available with The Outlook 2007 and beyond

    1. Repairing OST using Scanost.exe or the Scanpst.exe

MS offers inbuilt tools to deal with issues of Outlook OST file corruption. The Scanpst.exe & the Scanost.exe are the inbuilt utility to diagnose and fix the errors in Outlook PST & the OST files. The downside of this tool is that it cannot handle severely corrupted OST files

    1. Recreating the OST File

By sacking the OST files of all Offline data could help in removing the cause of error in OST file. Follow the given steps to perform OST recreation through this method:

    • Locate the OST file on your drive
    • Right click the file folder and select properties
    • Choose the clear offline data option from the dialogue box that appears
    • Relaunch Outlook
    • click the Send/Receive tab followed by update folder tab

After the above follow-up, delete your OST file. Now Whenever the Outlook synchronizes with Exchange Server, a new OST will be automatically created and all the data of Exchange mailbox will be automatically downloaded to it.

Although effective in many cases still this method is not guaranteed to fix the OST file errors. It might also leave you with slight loss of the OST File data.

Alternate Solutions to Fix the OST Problem

All the problems faced in the OST file including the Errors have been detected in the OST File & the OST file corruption can be fixed in just few click by using a third party, OST File Recovery Tool. This tool can also be used to export the OST file into various other file formats.


After a brief discussion on the problem – Errors have been detected in the OST file, The methods to resolve them are also discussed in this article. However, the user can try the manual methods to fix the OST file corruption issues. But still, the Third party tool is suggested to save time & effort, and a hassle free resolution.