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bkf file restore tool

Complete Backup File Recovery

BKF File Restore Tool allows the user to repair corrupt BKF file and extract entire data from the backup file which includes images, documents, music files and all other items.

fix bkf file

Multiple Scanning Options

This software provides different scanning modes depending on the level of corruption of backup file. If the file has mild level of corruption then choose Quick Scan mode and opt for Deep Scanning if the backup files are highly corrupted. To recover selected files, choose Range based Scan.

repair windows bkf file

Supports Symantec Exec

BKF Restore Tool recovers data from VERITAS Backup Exec by Symantec general backup file apart from Windows NTBackup. This is the reason why this software is used widely for BKF File Recovery.

restore data from bkf file

Save Scanned Data

While you scan corrupt windows backup file, it saves the scan and the next time when you want to start same process then simply load the file and that saved scan will be loaded saving the scan time.

repair windows bkf file

Corrupt BKF File Recovery

If your windows .bkf file is damaged then you can repair it with BKF Restore tool. It helps you to extract data from BKF file completely. This software can recover windows backup file data without losing any information from it.

bkf file restore software

Selective Backup File Recovery

BKF File Restore Tool allows you to check or uncheck the files or folders of backup file which you want to recover from damaged .bkf file. Doing this, software will extract only selected data from it.

repair windows backup file

Search and View Restored Items

When BKF File Restoration is completed, the software will list all the recovered items to view .bkf file. You can even search for a particular item within backup data by using file extension or file name.

restore corrupt bkf files

Extract Data from BKF File

To save data from BKF file, BKF Restore Software offers two options for data extraction. You can either save the file at original location our save that data at desired location by browsing it.

restore data from bkf file

Range Based Scanning

This feature comes handy when you want to scan the selective portion of your backup file. You can define a range in percentage between ‘From’ and ‘To’ and start scanning.

repair corrupt windows backup file

Supports All File Sizes

BKF Restore Tool does not impose any file size limitation while you fix BKF file. This software can repair corrupt windows backup file of any size. Infact, it is tested successful recovery of upto 30 TB of .bkf file.

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Specifications of BKF Restore Software

System Requirements

System Specifications

  • Hard disk space : 15 MB of free hard disk space required.

Demo Limitation –

Trial Version of BKF File Restore tool generates a preview of recovered data of backup file.

Product Details
  • Version: 6.0
  • File Size: 3.29 MB


Yes, you can use the BKF File Restore Tool on any Windows machine and repair corrupt windows backup file.
No, BKF Restore Tool does not impose any limitation on file size of the .bkf file. You can save and recover corrupt windows backup file of any size.
Yes, you can restore/extract data from .bkf file. You can save that data to the original or the desired storage location wherever you want.
No, you cannot save data using the demo version of BKF Restore Tool. There is limitation of the trial version that you can’t save any data from backup file. You have to activate the full version of this utility.
No, you cannot perform recovery of your exchange bkf files using this software. For this, we have one more tool. You can try this Exchange BKF Recovery Tool.
No, this tool allows you to scan and repair only single backup file at one time. However, you can add multiple .bkf one by one to recover them.


User 1

I was so tensed about how to restore data from .bkf file until I got this BKF File Restore Software. I got perfect solution to fix corrupt BKF files and I wish to show my gratitude towards the development team and the support staff.

— Dave from London

User 2

I created a backup of my crucial presentations to be on a safe side in case I lose my original data. But when I tried to restore data from BKF file, it threw an error showing that the file is corrupt or unavailable. Then one of my colleagues suggested me this BKF Restore Tool and this application became the saviour of my presentations.

— Jessie from Canada

User 3

I really liked the working of this software due to its accurate and speedy operations. I was searching for the same kind of utility as my windows backup got corrupted due to some virus attack. One more amazing thing about this software is its user friendly interface which makes it so simple to use.

— Mitchelle from Germany

Steps to Restore Data from BKF File